Sunday, 28 October 2012

An Inkling I Can Paint: Part One

 Several months ago I decided to give an attempt at painting. I bought a watercolour set and made a brief attempt at using it. It did not work out, and I locked it away (well, hid it at the back of a shelf) until a week ago.

  In need of a distraction, and wishing to expand some skills, I dug it out again and began fooling around. I rather enjoyed it all, and so spent much of my spare time trying to get the hang of it. As such, most of my pictures were less 'try to paint well' and more 'learn to bloody paint'.

 This one started it, and it's not even a painting. I just got very drunk, grabbed a brush and my indian ink pot and started doodling. In the end the response was deserved - completely misinterpreted. It was well liked, but I think most people believe he's holding a sword. It's supposed to be a cane.

I sobered up for the rest.

The eyes are terrifying. They're both wrong and they're both looking the wrong way. However this was my first attempt at drawing someone, and it was an attempt at drawing someone without pre-sketching or preparation. I just started painting with brush and ink, and I think it came out fairly well, given the subject matter.

Wuv to Greg.

  Bloody simple stuff, but I liked them and it gave me a bit of confidence in using watercolours.

  For a tabletop role-playing game I'm doing. I felt like painting my character as I felt that it would give me a bit more insight and a bit more thought into him. It worked. May have altered my perception of how I originally thought of the character, but still, he's visualised: Miromoto Isoroku.

  For faults: swords are wrong but I don't mind that. Blotchiness on the colours was poor form on my part - you need to be careful with brushstrokes, it seems. And it is probably bloody obvious to all, but you start with lighter colours first, then dark. Not the other way round.


  A progression of images. I like the second and fifth ones best. After the third picture I got scared and had to hide the watercolours away a bit, I did the same after the sixth. I can do more but I think it might be best I just leave it and start again.

  They're not spectacular, but they helped give me a bit of help into how to mix colours. Given the original subject matter, all colours are completely wrong and I could do better - I cannot do her justice.  I am still pretty bloody happy with how this came out as a first-week effort.

  And a last pair. Just randomly drawn with indian ink. Neither looks right, but I like the use of ink as a painting tool. It came out of nowhere, it shall be used in future.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Afterword

So ends the first adventure of Indiana Chip and Detective Ted. The ending was clearly stolen from the conclusion of Empire Strikes Back (though in that one Darth Vader wasn't encased in carbonite) but giving ten year-old me a set-up for the sequel.

This is all that exists that hints at such a story - I don’t recall much of what happened in it, but I’ll list what little I do remember:

 -The Rocket T-Rex 2: The Sequel was completed. It was twice as large and the superlaser was attached to the underside.
 -The frozen T-Rex was rescued by a special forces team comprised of elite Raptor soldiers who had guns at the end of their tails. Really.
 - During his absence the Empire replaced him with a new Emperor - a Gigantosaurus, I believe. The T-Rex was surprisingly fine with this.
 -Chip’s “rebel” group was expanded further. I don’t recall any of the new additions beyond Scruff, a very adorable soft toy dog.
 - The village everyone lived in was attacked and destroyed by the Rocket T-Rex, now renamed to (of course) the Death Rex.
 - I think, but am not too sure, that Snaky was killed.
 - Ted was rescued. I don’t recall when in the story this occurred.
 - It is possible Chip got married. This makes me slightly pleased I can’t find the other stories - seeing how ten (eleven?) year-old me wrote relationships would have been incredibly embarrassing. Seeing twenty-eight year-old me create a relationship would be embarrassing!
 - There were indestructible robots introduced - they provided a new threat once the dinosaurs were eventually defeated.
 - The kitten was never mentioned again.

How many Indiana Chip stories there were before I got bored, I don’t recall. I would guess at least three, as I know the robot army appeared at the start of a book - possibly part three or part four.

Reading back ’In the Case of the Missing Kitten’ was very entertaining. It’s cute to see how original and silly the story began before the halfway mark, when Sonic and Star Wars references start popping up. I know it got worse for the second story, as I remember my cousin berating me for making it far too unoriginal and that she was bored of the Star Wars stuff. It was a very simple lesson on trying to make up stories for myself, though I never really got that good at it.

And the writing! At the time I thought I was a bloody genius with writing and very proud of my punctuation and grammar. Writing it into the blog as accurately as possible was a bloody pain - I even tried to ‘clean it up’ if I thought I could get away with it, hence why some of the later chapters have paragraphs that start without intents. And why so many commas? Was I frightened that if I used a period the reader would realise the sentence was over, get bored and go home? And some of the spelling as well! There are folk I know who ask me to correct them if they get the English language wrong, I dearly hope they don't read this story.

This story has been fun to go through and put online, even if it got a bit painful to read sometimes. It was nice to see the creative links between myself and ten year-old me. He gave me a nice insight into the way I used to write and draw, and maybe that I should think back to that in the future. I am, however, going to disown him and refuse to acknowledge he existed.

But to end it all, here is a final picture from Indiana Chip himself. When my parents bought him for me it was in Disneyworld, Florida. Later on during the same holiday, and I don’t recall the exact details here, but I believe there was some sort of evening barbeque held by Disneyworld. At any rate it had their characters (well…costumed staff, I suppose, but let me keep my dreams) walking around entertaining the kids. I ran up to the person dressed as Chip and asked them to sign my Chip soft toy. Given the size of their gloves and presumably limited vision, I am to this day impressed the person inside could manage to manipulate a pen well enough to give a most lovely signature on top of Chip’s hat. Slightly weakened by age and poor camera work, but it's a heart, the name, and chipmunk teeth.

No I don't know why he has a CCCP badge on his hat. He is 18 years old, he must be going through his communist phase.

The End.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: End Credits

No wonder I.Ted was missing for most of the book - he was almost the entirety of the production crew!

And that is ten year-old me at the start of that group, apparently without glasses. It must of been around this time I started wearing them.

A group shot that graces the last page. Again, I would be impressed at how I almost perfectly utilised every page for the story itself, but then I remember there was an awful lot of padding.

Still rubbish at fitting hats on heads.

The inside back-cover. Bit better with the hat. Not so sure why there's an erupting volcano nor why Simba is on a floating platform...

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty-Five

\ Chapter 35 \ The End?

  When the other dinosaurs knew what had happened to their leader, they scattered, and Chip, Simba, snaky, Foxy and I.Teddy, went home, home to rest again.
  One night, Chip was up, walking by himself along the streets of the Ted Village, he knew the adventure had not finished yet, the rebels still had to do something with the T-Rex Carbon-figure which they had put in their meeting place.
  And TED! What about him, they had to find and rescue him, Chip walked along at least while they got out of the spaceship they got the kitten, the start of all this! But what did the Rex want it for? Chip, with his mind buzzing with thought, went home and Too his bed, to get some sleep


Notes: Ah, a final 'homage' to Back to the Future in that last picture, there.

It's good to know the kitten was rescued, given all the emotional investment we all had for it. I would call it a MacGuffin, but it's really just a forgotten character that was replaced by a ten year-old's desire to write his own Star Wars story.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty-Four

\ Chapter 34 \ THE MEGA Battle

  This is it! Thought Chip, the battle has come, he looked at the Rex, then at the dinosaurs, there was about 2 million altogether, suddenly, there was a huge roar like this RRRROOOOOAAAAARRR! and all the dinosaurs charged apart from The Emperor who was beside Bogey.
  Chip said "This is it guys, lets fight!" All the Rebels, although scared, started to attack the Empire!
  Ted went up to a Raptor and attacked it with his dagger, Simba, Foxy and Snaky whipped three dinosaurs at a time each. I.Ted fired missiles from his slipper to destroy dinosaurs and Chip was attacking dinosaurs with his lightsabre, while this was going on on, the T-Rex said to Bogey, "Turn on the carbonite machine, that Chip is too good to stay where he is, we must freeze him," Bogey turned and ran into a room to switch on the machine, Chip looked up and saw the rex go into the room with him.

  Chip had to get to the room, Ted came up to him, "lets get that T-Rex" he said, "that's just what I was thinking," said Chip. Ted said "Well, lets go," Simba came up "I'll come too," he said, Chip said "O.K," Ted, who was getting impatient, said "Well, lets GO!" Chip and Simba laughed, "all right then," said Chip, when he looked around, he saw all types of dinos coming towards them "lets deal with this lot shall we?" he asked the other 2, "Yeah," they said together, Chip sliced the head off of one, and he got rid of some others by whipping them, Simba whipped some with his tail, and Ted blinded some with his torch, then got rid of it with his dagger.
There was still a few to get rid of to get to the room and that took a while, but in the end they got past them and beside the door, but just before Chip turned the handle a Pteranodon flew down to attack him but Chip soon saw to THAT!  He then turned the handle and went inside. Ted and Simba followed.

  The room was like a huge computer room, there were computers everywhere, in the middle of the room was a hole, and beside it, was the T-Rex with a lightsabre. Chip activated his own lightsabre and started walking to the Rex, the Rex switched on his own lightsabre and stayed where he was. Ted ran round behind him without him knowing.
  Chip ran forward and swung his lightsabre at the Rex, the Rex turned his sabre so the blades met, "You cannot defeat me," he said "I am the mighty T-Rex," suddenly Ted jumped on the rexes back and stabbed it, the Rex roared and shook Ted off, Ted flew backwards and landed in the hole in the ground, Bogey pressed a button on one of the computers, steam flowed out of the hole, then a rectangle block came out of it, it was Ted, frozen in carbonite.
  "NO!" Shouted Simba, Chip looked at the rex, "This time you went too fat," Bogey lay the block on a trolley and went off with it somewhere.

 Chip swung his sabre, left and right at the Rex, but each time the Rex's sabres blade stopped it, once, though, he did cut off the rexes right claw, on his left hand, but suddenly a picture of Ted flashed in his mind, and Chip somehow gained more power and he whammed the Rexes sabre out of its hand and high into the air.
  "Ha," said Chip, and started moving towards the rex, his sabre pointed at its chest, the Rex moved back, and back, and WHOOSH, right into the hole, Chip shouted, "SIMBA! PRESS THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE THE CARBONITE MACHINE!," Simba rushed over to the machine controller and pushed a button saying CARBON FREEZING CHAMBER. Steam rose from the hole and once again, a rectangal shape block came up out of the hole, but this time, in it, was the T-Rex.


Notes: Oh, that ten year-old me could have written chapters like this throughout the story.

It's interesting to see that I.Ted's slipper didn't come in that handy at all, except for firing a few missiles. Turns out the T-Rex already had a carbon freezing chamber to capture himself in, and one that explains why Empire Strikes Back was skipped for influences earlier in the story. I quite like how a million dinosaurs was too much for the 'Rebels' last time, but now that there's two million they're charging right in. Must have been a pretty huge room.

Almost at the end.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty Three

\ Chapter 33 \ Betrayer

  I.Ted was floating in mid-air, in a slipper, "This is my invention," he said "I took a giant slipper, put a few wires, engines, stuff like that inside it and bingo! You get a hover slipper!"
Chip and the others looked at it, you could see which part was hovering, because there were funny rings coming out of it. "O.K," said Bogey "We havent got all day, we gotta get moving." As they ran, flew or hovered along, Ted ran up to Chip, "I see what you mean, about him seeming to be on another team. They turned a corner, "In here," Bogey said. Once in the room they could see every single bad guy in the room. At the far end, There was the mighty T-rex. "Meet my friends," said Bogey. Chip said "You betrayed us" then Tedsaid "You've been a baaad boy Bogey," Bogey was beside the T-Rex "Hey, don't worry guys, I got a good price for selling you guys out, right emperor." The T-Rex answered "Do not be concerned, you will get what you deserve."


Notes: It's sad to realise that the peak of my writing abilities came when I was ten years-old. That first sentence was mind-bogglingly brilliant.

The Bogey betrayal added a bit of intrigue and interest (poorly written and telegraphed from the start, I admit) to a story just waiting for the final battle. Naturally it wasn't my own idea, but one stolen from a Sonic the Comic story featuring Knuckles. In it, he and the Chaotix team were betrayed by one of their team members to the Metallix Emperor.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty-Two

\ Chapter 32 \ In The Spaceship

  Chip looked around him, the spaceship was huge, it looked a lot bigger on the inside than the outside. Bogey went to Chip and said "This way," they all followed him throungh the maze of tunnels. As they went through a door, Chip realized that they had just been through the engine room. He ran a little faster untill he caught up with Bogey, Chip asked him, "How do you know were to go, Bogey answered, I came through here earlier this week, I made a map of the place and I looked at it a lot. Now I know the place of by heart." Chip said "Oh." Bogey ran ahead again, there was a humming sound that Chip didn't like, it sounded as though it was right behind them. He turned around. "I.Ted," he said.


Notes: The 'bigger on the inside' thing is not a Doctor Who reference. Ten year-old me would perish at the thought of enjoying such a ridiculous show.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter 31 \ On our way

  They didn't need a map to go to the Spaceship because they already knew the way.  As they went through the forest, a figure popped out, IT WAS BOGEY. He said "This way I know a shortcut." Then he ran through the trees, With everyone behind him, he went quickly past the grass and rocks, and then suddenly, to make a long chapter short, they reached the base. "This way," said Bogey, and ran through a crack in the wall, everyone else followed.


Notes: Bogey didn't just "make a long chapter short," he blasted it down to possibly the shortest one of the story!

The Rocket T-Rex construction-effort is once again based on Sonic the Hedgehog - in this case from 'Launch Base Zone' in Sonic 3. I adored seeing the reconstructed Death Egg in the background, supported by cranes and service structures, and tried to recreate that here. It's probably also a nod (rip-off) to the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. I had (still have) a love of broken or damaged things. I find them quite beautiful in their own way.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Thirty

\ Chapter 30 \ Packing

  The next day, everyone was packing for the trip ahead, Chip only needed his belt to hold his lightsabre, whip and dagger. Ted packed in his bag Chocolate Chip cookies, a tub of hot Chocolate, a mug, and his teddy bear, he also packed his weapons too, Simba, foxy and Snaky didn't need to pack, and as for I.Ted, nobody knows, and nobody will know for quite a while. When they were ready to go, they all went to Chips house, to have a last meeting.
  "Right," said Chip "Are we ready," then everyone shouted "YES!" "Good," said Chip "then lets go!"


Notes: Chip looks quite startled in that last picture. Full points for ten year-old me learning alliteration in the same picture, as well.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Nine

\ Chapter 29 \ Getting better

  The next day everyone was practising their skills, most were getting better, but some weren't, so they changed their skill.
  Chip was much better with the lightsabre, he was ready for the attack, he also had his dagger and his whip better skilled, so he was fully ready for the battle. Ted was better with his dagger and torch, but he quit the karate. Simba was good at whipping with his tail, but he had quit the biting. Foxy continued they biting and his whiping, so did snaky, as for I.Ted nobody knows what hes up to.


Notes: Well this is just a repeat of chapter twenty-five. Ten year-old me is just phoning it in, here.

Another reason for such padding is because the book its being written in obviously has a certain number of pages. All that's needed to do now is get Chip and Ted to the conclusion, but if I did it too soon I would be stuck with a dozen or so pages left blank. In the end the story ended with just the one spare page, which I'm gonna say is pretty decent work.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Eight

\ Chapter 28 \ Suspicous

  The Rebels, and Bogey, were at a meeting again, this time, Chip was holding it. "We will leave to defeat the T-Rex in two days from now, that will leave time to get important stuff packed, finish off skills, and finish making any sort of weapon. Is this agreed," said Chip "AGREED!" said Everyone, "good" said Chip, "Meeting over, you can go home now," Everyone was running home, so they would be able to get everything done. Chip was beside Ted as they walked home.
  "I'm beginning to get suspicious of him," said Chip to Ted, "Of who? asked Ted, "Bogey" said Chip, "He seems to be acting, well, like he was on a totally different team or something." Ted said "Dont worry Chip," They walked along a bit more, then Chip said to Ted, "Bye Ted," then Ted said, "Bye Chip."


Notes: While I'm sure capitalising 'Everyone' was a typo, I did have to wonder if ten year-old me had added another character who had walked into the meeting and found themselves conscripted by the group.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Seven

\ Chapter 27 \ Meanwhile....

Meanwhile, at the Empires fortress, things are going pretty well, the spaceship was nearing completion, more and more creatures were joining the Empire, helping complete the Rocket T-Rex 2, The Sequel. Inside, the Mighty T-Rex was in the throne room, waiting untill the final moment came, when they would be able to destroy the planet with the superlaser ray gun. A small creature jumped into the room, "The battle station will be operatinable in 36 days, lord Rex," it said. The Rex said, "Well then, make all workers double their efforts." the creature turned and started walking outside, The Rex said "Good work, agent Bogey."


Notes: The "double their efforts" line was clearly taken from Return of the Jedi. There's been no references to Empire Strikes Back though, either ten year-old me skipped it or we're about to see some strange revelations regarding Chip and his parentage.

One can only assume, should we accept my theory the T-Rex is the true hero, that the events of the past few days has broken his mind (thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of his workers dead through the actions of a few terrorists) and forced him to become the villain everyone claims he is. A tragic tale of a tortured soul. Like Gollum. Or Anakin Skywalker. Or Gandhi.

The 'revelation' that Bogey was a villain should have been kept until later, when it would have been revealed to both the audience and Chip and company. His double-agent role was hardly subtle in the first place, and I like to think ten year-old me was just being self-aware of how silly it was Chip and Ted accepted new characters - including a snake that was a known associate of T-Rex - without question. I'd like to think that...

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Six

\ Chapter 26 \ bogey

  "Who are you?" asked Chip to the boglin, "Im Bogey the boglin," said Bogey "oh," said Chip, "I'm Chip. Bogey said "hello Chip, are you a chipmunk," Chip said "yea," Bogey asked "are you a Rebel," Chip said "Uh huh"
Bogey seemed to have a slite smile on his face, but Chip let it pass. "Where do you live," asked Bogey, "In a house," said Chip, Bogey said "Where is this house," said Bogey, Chip said "In a tree," Then Bogey said "Oh forget it,"
Chip smiled, "Do you live around here," he asked Bogey looked up and said "uh yep" Chip said "I better go now," Bogey said "yea me too, bye," "bye" said Chip, and he walked home to practise his skills. Ted, meanwhile had stopped doing his skills to go to Simbas house to have a cup of hot chocolate.


Notes: Truly tense dialogue there.

A 'boglin' was this weird rubber goblin-like toy. There were lots of variants - some were fairly large and could be used as a hand puppet, others just got stuck on your finger. I'm not sure which one I used to own, but this one stirs memories so we'll go with him:

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Five

\ Chapter 25 \ Practising Skills

  The next day everyone on the rebel team practised their skills, some brought weapons to practise with, some didnt. Chip practised with his lightsabre, dagger and whip. Ted practised with his new dagger and his old torch. He also practised karate which he was so good at. Snakie practised bitteng things with his teeth and whipping things with his tail. Foxy practised hitting things with his tail and bitting things. Simba did the same as that too. I.Ted continued with his invention. At one point, Chip went outside to have a break. He walked around for a bit then stopped in his tracks, there, in front of him, was a glowing boglin.


Notes: Like with the T-Rex suddenly being in charge of an 'Empire', Chip's group are the 'rebels.' Bear in mind they still live comfortably in their own homes and the Empire has never actually threatened them or gone on the offensive with their "million" dinosaurs.

Now, we only have Chip's word (technically, his thoughts) that Rocket T-Rex was capable of destroying the planet. We've never actually seen the T-Rex throw folk over cliffs or kidnap kittens. Snaky has certainly never said anything bad about his time with T-Rex. In fact, all we've ever had the T-Rex do that could condemn him was shout angry words at Chip after the destruction of Rocket T-Rex. Given that cost the lives of many dinosaurs - many of which could have been his friends - can you blame him for being grumpy?

And it is only ever Chip who makes claims it's the T-Rex behind all the criminal activities. It's his group that attacked the (potentially) peaceful Rocket T-Rex as it (possibly) made the first attempt to launch a creature of this world into space. Nobody has ever dared question Chip's efforts to train them as an army and throw them at a superior foe that could only be trying to develop peaceful scientific projects. This isn't a rebel cause - it's a terrorist group.

This story should have been about the T-Rex.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Four

\ Chapter 24 \ The meeting

  When Chip got into Teds house he saw some of the team on some seats, he sat down on a chair and waited for the others to come to the meeting. When everyone was there Ted said "excuse me, everyone, I want to say something, what happened last night was very dissapointing and we must do something about it, whos with me!" All the animals cheered as Ted said "Right then, we must get better weapons for a start, and we must improve our skills, bro, how's your invention coming on," I.Ted said "It coming on great., I should finish it by chapter 33," D.Ted, put down his script and said "Yea, that's correct, hey you, yea you the person reading this, if your bored, just put down the book, go off and play my little pony or something, if not keep reading, still with us good, right, good, meeting over, go practice your skills!


Notes: The war against paragraphs continues.

Ten year-old me thought having the characters read the script to be dreadfully clever and original. I was a bit sad when I got to watch Spaceballs a few years later, and discover it used a similar joke before me.

I wonder if the meta-comment to the reader was just a reflection of ten year-old me's boredom? Difficult to say, but it seems insulting My Little Pony is a timeless endeavour.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Three

\ Chapter 23 \ regroup

  Chip woke up with a start, he looked at the clock, it was 8:33, the phone was ringing, it was Ted! "Listen," said Ted "We need to get together again," Chip said "Oh" Ted said "We need to talk about what just happened last night," Chip said "O.K. What time is it on," and Ted said "10:00," Chip said "O.K. Bye," and then he put the phone down.
  Chip got up, put on his coat and hat, then he went to the table to get his breakfast. He had Teddocks Acorn Flakes, then he went to the bathroom to get washed and to brush his teeth.
  As he left the house he looked at the clock again, it was 9:22, he might as well fly around for a while before he noticed the Empires base, it was being well made, he saw some of his friends going to Teds house, he landed and walked with them.


Notes: This may seem like a lot of unimportant information, but I think it provides a lot of character insight. Chip wears his hat to breakfast, for example.

Another Star Wars reference here with the declaration that the base (that was actually a spaceship) belongs to the 'Empire.' T-Rex must have had an interesting time of it all recently - only a few chapters ago he had been reduced to throwing baby foxes off cliffs, now he's in charge of a powerful organisation.

You would think this would make the T-Rex the more interesting character to write about, but no, we need to know that Chip was brushing his teeth. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-Two

\ Chapter 22 \ DISASTER

  Chip started to run to the base with everyone close behind but they all stopped in they're tracks as they saw about a million dinosaurs waiting for them, Chip said "OH NO," he turned round, the others had started running, he ran after them. "Hey guys, wait for me!" he shouted to them, they ran back through the forest, over the rocks, on to the grass and into Teds house "That was a disaster," he said, Ted said "I know," "well said Chip, "We all better go home, there's nothing else we can do now, is there," but there was no point talking, because everyone had gone to their beds, "Oh, well," said Chip to himself "I might as well go to bed too," and with that he went home. When he got in, he began to think what he could do about the spaceship, with all those guards around, they're was propable no way in! What could he do? What could he do! With that, he fell asleep.


Notes: Poor Chip, trapped in a hostile land with (about) a million dinosaur enemies, with a group of friends all too happy to abandon him without a word, and in a story where multiple paragraphs are the thing of myth.

I'm not entirely sure why ten year-old me seems so dedicated to abandoning paragraphs, but then who are we to scrutinise the thoughts of a literary revolutionary?

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty-One

\ Chapter 21 \ Travelling

  Chip, Ted, Teddy, Foxy, Simba and Snaky, travelling through the forest, to the base were quite cheerful because the might actually get rid of the T-Rex, they had to go one mile, through forest, grass and rocks, Chip was leading because he was the one with the map, at one point they were attacked by and eagle but Chip soon sorted him out. Finally they reached the almost wrecked base!


Notes: Yes, that's the entire 'chapter.'

Part of this shortness was due to boredom on the part of ten year-old me. He clearly felt he should point out the difficulties of getting to the T-Rex base, but having already done that (chapters 4-7) and being more excited about getting to the fight, "Travelling" was kept short. And to be fair, there's not much to describe when the base is only a mile away, whereas in chapter 4 just a small part of the journey was described as being "---------------------------------------" long (assuming "--------" is a mile). It's remarkable Chip had such difficulty finding it in the previous chapter.

Indiana Chip and Detective Teddy: Chapter Twenty

\ Chapter 20 \ Location T-REX

  Locating the T-Rex is easier said than done, first Chip had to follow the T-Rex trail to its base, and that was not easy! Sometimes it dissapeared altogether, and he had to go through trees and bushes, luckily he had his lightsabre with him to cut away the bushes, when he got to the base, he took out a map and drew out the way he came, then flew home.
  Once home, he found everyone with theyre weapons, Ted with a torch, I.Ted with a hammer, simba with his tail, foxy with his tail and snaky with his teeth. Chip showed them the map "listen, i'll carry Ted, Simba carry Snaky, and foxy carry I.Teddy." "Right," said Ted. "Well" said Chip, "lets go!,"


Notes: Chip has a lightsaber now, no explanation needed. Maybe we're to assume it was passed down from his father, who was betrayed and murdered by the T-Rex (well, from a certain point of view).

Simba and Foxy using their tails as weapons may seem ridiculous, and that's because it is. It is possibly easier to understand how a ten year-old me, influenced by Sonic the Hedgehog games in which a character could use his dual-tails as an attack, would see it as a perfectly legitimate method of combat.