Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Victory Project 001

Part One

So, in response to seeing the outstanding (if slow) work by my good friend Andrew Savage on his HMS Victory model kit, I decided I would go out and purchase my own model set. I had hoped to find a Titanic, or perhaps even another Bismarck, or even a decent tank. Alas, there was nothing except a Panzerkampfwagen III which, while lovely, costs £45 for some unknown reason. It doesn't even supply the paint!

There was one decently priced, tempting purchase though. Naturally it was the HMS Victory. So I purchased it along with a handful of equipment stuff that cost more than the model itself. Ah well, will come in handy if I decide to keep going with this model-making thingy. Then I thought I have a bit of a problem. Andrew, you see, has additional staff in the form of a 'Master Painter' and an 'Apprentice Craftswoman' in the form of Helen! I am all by myself! So I thought 'ah-ha', I'll just have to hire some staff!

The staff of Kan Konstructions

Alright, I'll admit they haven't had much experience in shipbuilding, seeing as they did come a Hornby 'Working People' kit, so they've probably just been trained in hanging around construction sites and watching replica trains go by.Not to worry, I'm sure this'll be an easy task for them, I mean, Sav is managing it (take that, Savage Shipyards). So let's see how this goes.

(Incidentally some of the pictures are slightly blurry because the camera is useless. Oh alright, because I'm useless.)

So we start off with a nice group shot of the model kit and the workers. This should give everyone a fair idea of the sheer scale of the job ahead of them, but everyone will be glad to know that, in addition to being paid two pennies a week, each worker has full life insurance paid by the company, as well as a funeral service plan.
Incidentally it's been 205 years since Trafalgar, so this was clearly not the 2005 Christmas bestseller

Getting the box open proves a challenge, but with ample amount of rope and sheer nerve they get the job done. The box is opened, and we can start unpacking the contents.

Heave men, heave!

The box opened, we can begin unpacking the contents and take a look at the task ahead of us. This is at least a days work for the men, given the size of the equipment. Thankfully, due it only being plastic, it's quite easy for them to lift and move about. Thank goodness I didn't go for the 'real materials' version, with real oak!


And finally, as the men continue shifting the model parts, Master Shipwright Phil takes a look at the blueprints for the HMS Victory. Getting his head round such plans requires laborious thinking and many cups of tea, and is by far the most taxing job anyone in the team has to do.

A face only a mother could love. Theoretically.

So there we have todays work. Mostly preparation for the task ahead, which we believe will initially involve a lot of paintwork rather than actual construction. Thankfully Kan Konstructions purchased a new set of paintbrushes, though in 'normal' size. This could present some problems for the new workers!