Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Victory Project 002

Part Two

Kan Konstructions has been having some problems these past few months, hence a complete halt on any work being done. The HMS Victory lay dormant in her box, the workers quietly signed on for unemployment pay and sat around drinking little tiny glasses of beer and eating very tiny sandwiches. One or two of them left - I think to do some work in a Hornby train model set like they always wanted to when they were kids - I never heard from them again. I think they may have been swallowed by a hoover.

The management, I can assure you, strove to get Kan Konstructions back on track. We split with our previous partners, took stock of what we had available, and saved hard to find ourselves a new site to restart construction of the Victory. Finally, in late June, we had our construction yard.

Clearly a construction site better put together than 'Savage Shipyards', eh? Yeah it's still a bit of a mess as we sort out the equipment (most of the paint is still in crates), but you can get a sense of what a wonderful place this would be to work for. And look at that inspirational poster for the workforce to gaze up at! Alright, it's 150 years ahead of the Victory's time, but it serves its purpose.

And speaking of our noble workforce:

We've expanded them a bit to deal with the setting up of the construction yard. You can also see on the left there some middle-management, which I hired to better direct the forces on the site itself (I can't be expected to do all the brain and tea-drinking work, can I). Also we got in a couple of secretaries to better handle the paperwork, and a guy on a moped. Not sure what he's here for.

So, to the future, to Kan Konstructions, and of course, to the HMS Victory!