Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Aberdeengrad Factory, Part 2

Once more into the world of tanks, comrades, and this time the glorious workers of the mortherland have recreated the armoured vehicle that is the Mark IV Panzer. While true it is a weapon of the treacherous dogs of Germany, Great Leader Phil cannot help but be impressed by its design and effectiveness.

To give a short history, the Panzer IV was originally designed as a support vehicle for the German infantry until it was discovered the Panzer III was not at all suited to fighting the Motherland's glorious T-34 vehicles. It was shifted to full-on tank warfare, and became the back-bone of the German tank force. The Panzer IV was adaptable, strong and reliable, and a worthy enemy to the glorious tanks of the motherland. It suffered simply by being outproduced by Russian and American industrial strength.

The final product, fully painted at stickerised. Great Leader Phil is proud of the quality of the vehicle, as produced by the glorious workers of the Motherland.

As an aside, these past two models has given Great Leader Phil an insight Airfix (Panzer IV) and Revell (T-34/76) model techniques.

1. Airfix has a no-nonsense approach to it's instructions. Revell will guide you through the construction of a tank in two-dozen panels. Airfix takes six, and you will like it.
2. Airfix must label every piece individually. Revell acknowledges eight identical wheel parts can be labelled with the same number without much confusion.
3. Airfix seems to understand printing the paints you will need on the box will help ease the process of creating a tank smoothly. Revell will print the main three paints you need, and doesn't give a damn if you have to go back to the shop to get the other three you discover you need after viewing the instructions.
4. Airfix does not understand how to make tank treads simple to attach. Revell does. By heavens, Revell does.
5. Based a little on future construction projects: Revell seems to think you can give an accurate paint diagram by simply flipping the image. This does not work for an asymmetrical model, Revell.

Enough of that, let's get to the main deal. T-34 vs Panzer IV!

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